Meet the Pizza Guys

F ounded in 1997, Pizza Guys chefs bring the authentic flavours of Italian pizzas to Vancouver, preparing fresh dough inside a custom Italian oven. They top each disc with traditional tomato, basil-pesto, or creamy white garlic sauce, then hide it beneath a thick blanket of cheese and fresh meats and veggies. Their gourmet specialty pizzas allow guests to sample styles derived from New York, Greece, and Mexico, or create their own masterpiece with toppings such as dry spiced pepperoni, jalapeños, and feta cheese. After depositing pizzas in their imported oven—where dough bakes to a golden hue while practicing its Italian accent—chefs cook up a barrage of Italian and American favourites, including honey-garlic wings, lasagna, and meaty sub sandwiches.

“founded on the simple, hard-to-argue concept that everyone's favorite food, the pizza, can be both more healthy and more interesting."

With our welcoming service and great food, all you have to do is enjoy the company you're with and the connections you'll make. Come dine in with us tonight!

Our Hours:

  • 10am - 11pm

  • 10am - 11:30pm